SoundLight Vol. 4 (SoundLight for Lovers)

by Elijah Ray



SoundLight for Lovers is the 4th SoundLight album in the series, by the visionary singer/ composer/recording artist Elijah Ray.

"It's definitely my favorite SoundLight album so far" says Elijah. "This volume is focused on the theme of sacred lovership - a very essential and core aspect of our community that, in my opinion, is in desperate need of an infusion of the sacred. When I look at the distortion around sex in our modern culture, I see how far from the temple we have strayed...the dance of the Lover and the Beloved ripples through every note in this collection of music, and my intention is that it inspires a deeper union with both your inner and outer lover."

What makes Elijah's SoundLight music unique, is that he creates the entire thing live... using only his voice, a mic, and some loop pedals and effects. There are no overdubs, or post production changes. SoundLight is created live, in the moment, recorded from either private healing sessions (which Elijah is available for and offers in person and over Skype) or at group concert events.

Considering the scope of the sound here, which sometimes resembles choirs of angels, or sensual, complex rhythm sections with multiple harmonies sailing overtop... it is hard to imagine that this is one man using only his voice...but it is. You will simply have to hear it to believe it.


released March 20, 2015

Elijah Ray ~ Vocals, Live Looping.



all rights reserved


Elijah Ray Kilauea, Hawaii

From a young age, +Elijah- (aka Elijah Ray) knew it was his yestiny to bring more light into this world through music. And so it is that +Elijah- and the Band of Light's music is a balm for the soul, the sound of sunshine, insanely positive and uplifting... What's not to love? The Band of Light sound goes straight for the joy button and presses it really hard. Get on the YES Wave. Band Together. ... more


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